About Us

We are about simplicity, beauty, integrity, originality & uniqueness, sustainability, fair trade, design texture and shape. We love the textures and form inherent in nature – as both inspiration and substrate.

We like to know the story behind the items in our store – and share those with you.

We are continually looking for new, unique and original items for our shop. Items from all over South Africa (or elsewhere in Africa) have inspired us – handmade, handcrafted, artist made, commissioned pieces or even reconditioned/recycled/ reclaimed items – there is an abundant supply of creativity.

We love items that have a specific origin or story to tell - whether it be from an artist’s studio, handmade items by local people, individually commissioned pieces created by a local manufacturer - or even items which have had a ‘previous’ life in a slightly different form. They all have a unique identity and character.

We will distribute nationally – or even internationally (freight charges for customer’s account)