• DI3
    Coral - made from resin (various shapes and sizes; Cay-Cay ball


  • DI4
    Hourglass 15min, 30 min, 45min

  • DI4
    Whale bone on stand; Smoke fired vessels

  • DI6
    Cinnamon sticks; irregular bowl in ironwood

  • DI7
    hand beaded calabash (various sizes)

  • DI8
    Smoke fired pots in various sizes; long necked dipped Calabash

  • DI9
    Hand beaded figures

  • DI10
    Wide range of ceramic items

  • DI16
    Various decorative itrems

  • DI17
    Large Sandstone hearts

  • DI50
    Porcelain giraffe heads – 3 sizes

  • DI51

  • DI52

Decorative Items

Accessories are a great way to make your home decor reflect your personality – they finish a room off and should add a personal touch.

Accessories can be functional as well as decorative, such as vases, or just something beautiful which enhances your space.

Tip: Symmetrical groupings create a more formal look, while asymmetrical groupings give a more informal feel. Vary the height of table top accessories to create balance and interest.