• L1
    Silk and Boa Shade on a turned natural Jacaranda lamp base

  • L2
    Bead & copper wire lampshade in Red

  • L3
    Feather Ball lampshade

  • L4
    Black leather tassel lampshade on Nguni Circle Lamp base 

  • L25
    Imfibinga seed and black bead shade on turned black base; Leaf shade; Ostrich egg fragments shade 


From table lamps to standing lamps, and chandeliers to ambient floor lighting – the options for illuminating your space are endless.

These days lighting creates a statement rather than simply serving a purpose – this allows you to use your imagination with choices of gorgeous fabrics, textured leather or unusual beadwork.

Tip: use clear PVC rather than the standard white to create a visually entrancing effect.