• MF1
    Wiggle Twig Frame mirror


  • MF2
    Circle of Life mirrors – available in brown or silver


  • MF3
    Narti mirror – available in silver or brown 


  • MF4
    Long mirrors with faux leather frame


  • MF7
    Small square mirror in faux leather frame



Many people nowadays are opting to use mirrors rather than art as homes are beginning to get smaller and more compact. Mirrors help to enlarge the space, and often bring the outdoors in.

Gorgeous hand carved frames from Bali make a statement in any space, where as more simplistic, contemporary frames can be made to your specifications at our factory.

Tip: Take care when placing your mirror, let it reflect something beautiful. Use them to add dimension, expand space or reflect light in a room. Reflecting a wall or cupboards, may make your space seem even smaller.