• DI11
    Candle stands natural – old converted African headrests


  • DI12
    Candle stands (white) old converted African headrests (black also available)


  • DI13
    Rafiki Urchin t-light holders give off a gorgeous glow – made from porcelain


  • DI14
    Nautilus vase – can be used with t-light


  • DI20
    T-Light holders: Paper Nautilus, Rafiki urchin large, Rafiki urchin small (set of 3)


  • DI24
    Large Urchin candle


  • DI25
    Small urchin candles


  • DI26
    Shell votive


  • DI27
    Pebble candles on square or oblong wooden dish


  • DI29
    Flower candles


Votives & Candles

Accessories are a great way to make your home decor reflect your personality – they finish a room off and should add a personal touch.

Accessories can be functional as well as decorative, such as vases, or just something beautiful which enhances your space.

Tip: Symmetrical groupings create a more formal look, while asymmetrical groupings give a more informal feel. Vary the height of table top accessories to create balance and interest.